Yesterday was the first day of Summer Break here in GA! And we kicked things off by heading to Six Flags Over Georgia’s media day to check out the World’s First DC Super Friends themed area with 5 new attractions for the entire family.


We went with some Super friends of our own.


As we walked over to the new DC Super Friends area, we passed this bank robber by the Antique Photo Place which features old-time costumes. For some reason, he wanted to act like a wax figure.


The new DC Super Friends area is across from Monster Mansion. You can also access it through Bugs Bunny Boom Town.


The first ride the kids went on is The Batcopters, which is an easy carousel-like ride that takes the kids up, but not too high.


Then the kids went on Wonder Woman Flight School which gives you a little thrill as it goes up high and circles fast, much like the aerial swings.


Superman’s Tower of Power has you soaring into the sky just like Superman and shoots you up almost as fast as a speeding bullet. Ok, maybe not, but it feels like it!


DC Super Friends isn’t just about heroes, there are a few Super Villians here too! The Joker Funhouse Coaster and Harley Quinn Games round out the 5 new attractions.


Be on the lookout for any Super Friends you may come across at the park!

Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets, parking, and meals for the Media Day. 

It was a great start to the Summer but the fun doesn’t have to end! Season passes are a great value and in addition to the new attractions at Bugs Bunny Boomtown and Dc Super Friends, there’s always my favorite, Hurricane Harbor!
Have you been to Six Fags over GA, or planning to go soon? What’s your favorite attraction? 



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