Outdoor Easter Egg Hunts

10 Tips For Attending Outdoor Easter Egg Hunts

The first Easter egg hunt my daughter attended was a Helicopter drop in a huge, open field. There were hundreds of eggs and equally, hundreds of kids. We’ve been to dozens of Easter events since then, some small and some big. Below are a few tips for attending outdoor Easter egg hunts, that I have picked up through the years.

10 Tips for Attending Outdoor Egg Hunts

Be in the Know

Knowing all the details of the event will help you have a smooth day. Getting GPS directions beforehand is helpful so you know where you’re going and how long it will take. You should also check where and what time the egg hunt is at the location. With big egg hunts they will sometimes divide the activities by age group and stagger the hunts in different locations and at different times within the field. If your child’s egg hunt is later on in the day, you can do the other activities that may be there first. But if his egg hunt is earlier, you’ll want to leave the other activities, like bouncy houses and face painting for after. You should also check if there are any prize eggs on the lot, such as a golden egg that can be redeemed for a toy or bike. Some kids will want to look for this egg first, while other kids may want to just grab as many eggs as they can. You’ll also want to know if you need to be pre-registered for the egg hunt as some big egg hunts require that and close registration at a certain date or time.

Take a picture of your child 

If you lose your child in the crowd, it will be easier for others to help you spot him if they know what he was wearing and what he looks like.

Designate a meeting point

Most large Easter egg hunts will have a “lost parents” or similarly named area, where family members can reunite. Make sure your child knows where it is before the start of the hunt. If there isn’t such a spot, you can choose to meet at the First Aid Station, the bathrooms, or anywhere really, as long as everyone is aware of where that meeting point is.

Apply Sunscreen

You’ll want to make sure you apply sunscreen on your child, as you would for any other outdoor activity, so he doesn’t get sunburn.

Allergy Medicine

If your child has allergies, you’ll want to give him medicine before he heads out. You’ll also want to have tissues and hand sanitizer on hand.

Stay hydrated

Easter egg hunts can require a lot of running. You’ll want to make sure your child is hydrated.

Cell Phone or Walkie Talkie

If your child has walkie talkies then this is a great time for him to use them. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be able to stay in touch. If he has a cell phone, you’ll want to make sure that it’s charged and that the ringer is on high. Your phone should be charged too. If you’re planning on taking a lot of photos, you may want to bring a portable battery charger.

Contact information

If your child is old enough, he should have your cell phone number memorized. If he isn’t old enough, consider writing it on his arm, having him wear a bracelet with the information on it, or even just put a note in his pocket.

Bring a basket and a back-up bag

Easter egg hunts will vary. We’ve been at ones where we collected dozens of eggs. We’ve also been to ones where we were lucky to find 3 eggs. It’s a good idea to always have an extra plastic grocery bag just in case you can collect more eggs.

Check Candy

Just like you do during Halloween, the candy your child gets should be checked. You should make sure that they are individually wrapped, do not contain any allergic ingredients, and are not choking hazards.

Easter egg hunts are a lot of fun. Keep it safe and everyone will have a great time.

Hope you have a very Hoppy Easter!
and if you have a tip you’d like to share, feel free to comment below!

Outdoor Easter Egg Hunts


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